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So I’ve recently come into the glorious world of Netflix. And the lovely world of cinema and anime (though limited) it has to offer.  :D But it has also become very apparent that Funimation and Netflix are friends. And that Funimation…likes to use the same voice actors for their anime shows. And after watching them all in a row…it becomes difficult to do so with a straight face, because I’m used to this man: but he is also this man: as well as this man: tumblr_luw87kjE1K1qexdrgand this man:
and it’s sort of funny.

Or there’s this man: who is also this man: and this man:

Or this woman: who is also this woman: and this woman:

(She’s also this woman: but I’ll not count that one, because she actually changed her voice, and I couldn’t hear Keiko.)

But, still we know that this man: is this man:

And also that this man: is this man: .

(Remember, by the way, when this man: was also this man: ? and it was amazing?)

My confusion, you see, was that was attracted to this person who in turn was in a battle with this guy to win the affections of this girl (who, btw, in either show could kick your ass)


I wanted to also talk about these shows! I'll do a few here, but I don't think the journal will like me if I don't split it up, so

 , , and with to follow another time. :D

Because Funimation has been so kind as to offer them (with the exception of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, which I found on Youtube) up to the world so anyone with Netflix can watch and critique them! So I shall!

With all the hype that went with Trigun (because its genre is space western, and really...that is kind of amazing.) I had been anxious to see it -- especially since I started reading the manga in high school. (**STARTED. Didn't finish.) With that said...I was actually a tad disappointed in how everything turned out. They saved the big reveal of finishing the backstory for the very last episode, leaving so much open for something else (ANYTHING else, really) but they were all, "Meh, whatever. The end." TT.TT I shall give it the amazing bromance award, as well as the awkward romance award: vash_and_wolfwood_trigun-14210

Oh, what can I even say about this weird, weird, show...Umm...Underpants?
The premise of computers looking like cute girls is very anime! I thought this to myself. I liked Cardcaptors, so Clamp can't be all bad! It was so strange, though! Even getting through the first episode, which was awkward, and riddled with moments like this: I found very difficult to keep interest. I finished the series, though, but its ending was so ambiguous I wanted to slap someone! Basically, watch this show for Sumomo, the portable unit persecom. Sumomo (Chobits)100x100-SumomoTamborineThe show's message: Keep an open mind, guys! Computers are pplz too, and they can LOVE!!!!
Seriously, though, one of the things that bugged me was the way the show was emulating the fact that relationships with computers could be just like relationships with people. For example, the woman whose husband was essentially ditching her for a persecom. It's sad and all, and even creepy, but the way it was handled was not right.
Shinbo, who was HER STUDENT found out that she was in this loveless marriage, and so what does he do? He starts dating her.
 1) Did I mention he's HER STUDENT at this point?
 2)So he cheats on her and her MARRIAGE is suddenly null and void? It's okay to cheat on him because he cheated first?
Then, when the main character, Hideki, is trying to make sense of this, he asks his (porn)buddy Shinbo: 'Does she have a problem with Persecoms now? Since her HUSBAND is all in love with one?'
His answer was something like, 'I thought it was disgusting at first, too -- like, who would prefer a computer to a person? -- But then I thought to myself, well, what if he'd been cheating on her with a person? It would make her just as sad as him cheating on her with a persecom.'
 THE MORAL, FOLKS: It's OKAY to have an affair with a married lady, (WHO IS YOUR TEACHER) if her husband is cheating on her with a computer. BUT IT'S ALSO OKAY IF HE WERE CHEATING ON HER WITH A PERSON.
YU-GI-OH! SEASON 0: um....there's more of this: and more of this:(What is this madness?) and more of this: :D I read the first manga series, so I basically watched until I saw my favorite chapters animated...perhaps I'll go through sometime and finish the season, lol. I liked how the story began, and how there was a tad less crudeness in the show than in the manga. :) And I like that they made Ribbon (Miho) an actual character, like she was in the manga. And Yugi is just...so cute. :D He tries to be so polite and nice, and gets picked on for it. He's a sharp dresser, though. :P I'm surprised the Japanese school system lets him wear that Millenium Puzzle. Here in America, that's classified as unneccessary Bling.

This show...Was recommended to me in 2009 for the first time, by a mission companion. And again, by another mission companion. And then again (multiple times) by a friend of mine. And then again by lazyeye. And Netflix had it. So I gave it a whirl. Watched it twice, and decided, ultimately, that I did like it. :D It was hard to make up my mind, because I didn't know whether to take it in stride as it made fun of itself, or take it seriously. :P

The twincest thing was a little awkward, but I liked best how, toward the end of the series, you actually got to go in depth to everyone's character, revealing that they're not as two-dimensional as they'd like you to believe. (Well, except Mori...but the viewer is...oddly okay with this.)

The voices, as mentioned, threw me off. We had all sorts of inter-show crossovers going on, from Edward Elric, to Amy Yeager. But it managed to work itself out. It was actually almost refreshing to hear Edward be so silly. :D

END! (TO be continued...?)


or sleeping...but I had this idea seize me. So instead...
Let's talk about couples and shipping, guys!Collapse )
Took me three days, off and on.
I am...only slightly ashamed.

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Got this from a friend on deviantArt, MetaLatias5. It was epic, so I decided to do it. :D

 Favorite Character Meme

1.) List your top five favorite characters for each topic.
2.) These characters can be from any fandom in any media, just be sure to say where they're from.
3.) You can't like these characters without a reason. Give a brief reason why.
4.) Tag 5 people

Top Five Male Characters

1. Kid Flash aka Wally West: Young Justice
This man…is the funniest creature. You should really watch this show. It’s pretty epic. :D He’s
just the right mix of random humor and self-appreciation. And he appreciates himself. Very much.
And he loves Artemis. Just sayin’

2. Kaito Kid aka Kaitou Kuroba: Detective Conan/Case Closed/Magic Kaitou

This is the man who defined sexiness for this show…most awesome tux since Tuxedo Mask! And
who doesn’t love a magician who moonlights as a thief? But seriously...I like episodes with him in
it more than regular episodes...they started doing a Magic Kaito series...and I about died. :D

3. Percy Jackson: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

My favorite little smart-alec…Find me someone more sarcastic, biting, and quick than Percy
Jackson, and I’ll…well…something, anyway. XD His perspective is a refreshing first person after
certain other books in the first person in the vampire persuasion… And his pen turns into a sword.
Which is cool. I didn't realize how much I missed him after reading "The Lost Hero" because his
POV isn't present. But he's back in "Son of Neptune" (if...you couldn't tell from the...picture...)

4. Neville Longbottom: Harry Potter

Neville is the kind of guy who starts out all awkward and becomes epic as his story unfolds. And
who doesn’t love that? Plus, he has the same birthday as my niece! So cool! He has been my
favorite since Book 3. “I don’t understand about the vampires and the garlic…do they eat it,
or…?” XD

5. Scott Summers aka Cyclops: X-Men: Evolution

Okay. In Evolution, Scott can be kinda…intense. (not nearly as jerkish as he is in the movies or in
Wolverine and the X-Men, I’d argue…) But I love that side of him that’s all naïve. And cute. And
“Oh…Jean! Hi! I love you, kinda! You know?” I find him quite agreeable in the little Evo!comic
they did. :D I think what I like best about him is how he can usually find a good balance between
Leader!Scott and dork!Scott. I like him best as a dork. :P

Top Five Female Characters

1. Starfire: Teen Titans
Ever since I started watching the show, I knew Starfire would be my favorite. :D The first episode
of Teen Titans I ever saw was "Transformation," so you can probably guess why this opinion was
formed. :P I actually think Robin/Starfire in the show is kinda...over-the-top, but I like the
characterization. I find Starfire kinda annoying in the comics, so this was kinda cool.

2. Enna: Enna Burning
Enna is, to me, the personification of what a strong female character should be. :D I'm re-reading
the series now, and Enna Burning remains my favorite book of the series, though I admit I haven't
read "Forest Born" yet. I've been told I'll like it. :) Enna goes through a lot, and you go along with
her, through grief, shame, betrayal...I don't know what it is about her, but she's a little spitfire,
stubborn, loyal, and adorably perfect for bumbling Finn. :D

3. Hermione Granger: Harry Potter
For the know-it-all in every one of us: I've had these moments, too, and Hermione was intriguing
to me throughout the series. :) What's best about her, is that she doesn't see herself as annoying in
the beginning; she honestly doesn't know why she bothers people so much, but she calms down,
and her character is pretty cool. Don't know a question? Ask Hermione!

4. Annabeth Chase: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
(Picture drawn by burge-bug on deviantArt, not mine) Annabeth is so different in the books than
she was in the movie! I love the movie, but it's just...different. She reminds me a lot of Hermione,
but...less socially awkward. :) She's kinda calculating and ruthless at the beginning, but she
genuinely cares for Percy, and saves his butt a lot. :)

5. Hinata Hyuga: Naruto
Hinata gets a special shout-out, because of one thing in particular: I followed the manga for a
while, and I thought it was adorable that she had this enormous crush on Naruto. When she had to
fight Heiji (and lost terrifically), I loved how Naruto cheered for her. :) It was all her poor, shy little
heart wanted, and she got it, lol. I haven't followed the series since this point, so I don't know if
she dies or something, and please don't tell me. I love her, and I want her to stay adorable in my
head. :)

6. Helaine Votrin: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Honorable mention! I couldn't resist adding Helaine! She's kinda...well, she reminds me a lot of
your typical heroine in your typical fantasy; she's bull-headed for a woman, running away from an
arranged marriage, and physically stronger than her two male companions. She still manages to
have a love/hate relationship with Score, who reciprocates her love/hate, and they kick monsters'
butts and live happily ever after! Go Helaine!

Top Five Funniest Characters

1. Todd Tolansky aka Toad: X-Men: Evolution
Todd is amazing! His one-liners are what makes the brotherhood so awesome! Todd may smell,
and he may have a slightly creepy crush on a girl who could potentially kill him, but he's every bit
as amazing in his comedic timing as Wally West, who I mentioned above in my fav. male
character. :) It's not easy being green, guys...:P

2. Dug: Up
Okay...I'll be the first to admit I'm not much of a dog person. They seem too high-maintenance
when compared with a cat. But if my dog was like Dug, I'd take him in a heartbeat. :) Just...just
look at that face!! :D And his lines never fail to make me at least smile. "I can smell you!" or "I was
hiding under your porch...because I love you." XD

3. Grover: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
(Art not mine: Grover with his girlfriend, a wood-nymph named Juniper) This is the Grover I love.
The one from the books. No offense to the Grover in the movie, because I do love him too, and
the Grover in the movie is funny in a different way, but I like the anxious, nervous Grover, who
doesn't mean to be funny, but still is. He doesn't even have to say a word. Just the image of him
chasing Percy and eating tin cans is enough humor for me. :)

4. Más y Menos: Teen Titans
Mas and Menos count as one person. XD Best. Part. of Titans. East. Period. They...they just
want to help, guys! Let them live their ten-year-old superhero lives! :D They're just...excited.
That's all. Mas y Menos, si podemos!

5. Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner: X-Men: Evolution
So, you know how Mas and Menos count as one person? Well, when it comes to comedy, Kitty
and Kurt count as one person, too. They're not as funny alone. Well, Kitty's not. Kurt totally is.
But that's not the point! Kitty and Kurt are the balance of the show's potentially awkward
moments. Like...Scott? He's kinda awkward with Jean. Kitty and Kurt help them! I kinda like the
idea of Kitty/Kurt, but I know the canon for Evo is Kitty/Lance (sorta) and Kurt/Amanda. And I
love Amanda. And Lance. But...at the same time...one cannot deny the class of Kitty/Kurt.

Top Five Characters that I Wish Weren't Killed Off

1. Severus Snape: Harry Potter
So my friend callianna_nite has loved Snape from the very beginning. Well...since the fourth
book. But I was among the legions of fans who hated him. She was vindicated in the end, because
she'd known all along that he was awesome. And I do have to admit, that, especially after seeing
the movie, and how well his montage was done, Snape was an awesome character. He should
have lived. :(

2. Sheriff Graham aka The Huntsman: Once Upon a Time
This show is a recent love, but nonetheless amazing. I really liked Graham, and I was really rooting
for him to overcome the curse. Stupid queen went and killed him. :( Maybe...he can come back
someday. :)

3. L aka Ryuzaki: Deathnote
L!! Y U all ded!!!?? I Love you!! lol. I'm not one of those die-hard people who stopped reading
after L died, but I definitely was bitter. He's just so delightfully awkward...it's hard to not love

4. Nephlite: Sailor Moon
Ohmigosh, you guys, even though it's kind of creepy, Molly/Nephlite forever. He's all old, and
she's, like 14, but he protected her in the end, and that's pretty amazing. And she never got her
date. :( I adore Sailor Moon, but they kept killing the characters I liked. Prince Diamond and
Sapphire, Nephlite, the Sailor Scouts...:P Most of the pairings were...meh. But some had
awesome promise...:D

5. Denny Duquette: Grey’s Anatomy
Denny was an attractive man!! And he died in such a lame way! A blood clot? Seriously? :( I
loved how he randomly appeared in cameos for other episodes, though, and I love whenever I see
the actor in other shows or movies. But my heart is a little sad about Denny.

Top Five Characters I Love to Hate

1. Edmund Pevensie: The Chronicles of Narnia
I must be specific: The Edmund from Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, not the Edmund pictured
here. Edmund pictured here is kind of a stud. :) I just wanted to throttle Edmund's little neck half
the time, and I loved the dynamic they've brought into the movies between him and the White
Witch. It fleshes him out, and I love it, because the character was just written so long ago; it's nice
to see a slightly more modern take on him and his development.

2. Scarlett O’Hara: Gone With the Wind
Oh, I wanted to smack her upside the head. She was so dramatic! I hated how much power she
had, and how she spent her whole life screwing herself over, and by the time she realized it, it was
too late. She was redeemed in the sequel, Scarlett, which was my sister's only comfort, because
no matter how much you hate Scarlett O'Hara, you can't help but want her to end up with Rhett,
because he loves her.

3. Eustace Scrubb: The Chronicles of Narnia
Again, I must clarify: the Eustace from the beginning of Voyage of the Dawn Treader, rather than
at the end, when he's mostly all right. The first line of the book, I believe, runs something like:
'Eustace Clarence Scrubb had a horrible name that he almost deserved." :) I must say how
pleased I was that the character in the movie was nailed so well! I genuinely disliked Eustace! :D

4. Biff Tannen: Back to the Future
Classic. I love this man, but I hate this man. He just...is amazing. No matter how many times I
watch the movies, I love Biff. Nothing would be the same if he weren't there. He's that creeper
who never got the girl, and never stops being a creeper. I bet, even in the "real" reality that Marty
fixed, in which he runs his auto business, Biff is still creepy at heart. He just doesn't dare show that
side of himself around the McFly family. :)

5. Slade: Teen Titans
Slade...well...what can I say about Slade? How about how weird it is that he's the arch-nemesis of
a group of teenagers? At least the Joker is the arch-nemesis of Batman, who's an adult. I
almost wanted to put Slade in the "shouldn't have died" category, or even the top five villains,
except that A) he didn't really die: he got his life back. and B) I liked the villains I already had.
And I've always had mixed feelings on Slade. He's...well, he's a smooth talker, with a lovely
voice, but he's also kind of unhinged...

Top Five Villainous Characters

1. The Joker: The Dark Knight
I was going for creepy villains, and guess who topped the list? I think this version of the Joker is
by far the creepiest incarnation I've seen. Usually the Joker is more funny than creepy...but this
Joker is just crazy! I could have nightmares about him. Especially compared to all of the animated
Jokers out there...Batman the Animated Series? Pansy Joker. This guy could take him out.

 2. The Horned King: The Black Cauldron
I didn't especially like the Black Cauldron when I was little, simply because it had no songs.
:( Gergy was only so much compensation for that. And the Horned King was too creepy. I got the
shivers when I first saw him.

3. Sykes: Oliver and Company/Rattigan: The Great Mouse Detective
These guys...kinda are the same person: Sykes uses dogs as muscle, Rattigan uses a cat, both
impeccably dressed business men, both smokers...If anything, Rattigan is creepier, because his
smile has pointier teeth. These guys creeped me out, but it didn't discourage me from watching
their movies: In fact, the Rattigan song is one of my favorites. :)

4. Magneto: X-Men: First Class
Why this incarnation of Magneto? It's not that he's particularly creepy (the opposite, in fact; one
can empathize with him, and he's quite attractive) but this was more of a choice because we got to
witness his descent. And that's kinda the epitome of creepy, if you think about it. And on a
separate note, I agree with lazyeye when she says that the chemestry given off by
Charles and Erik was better than any hetero-pairing. :) I watched the special features, and it was
the director's intention. Charles/Erik bromance is more awesome than Mystique/Beast any day. :P

5. Bowler Hat Guy: Meet the Robinsons

 Okay...this choice, not so creepy. But I adore him. And Doris, (also pictured...) is pretty
awesome for a villain that speaks in beeps and whistles. I think I love Bowler Hat Guy because if I
were a villain, I'd be him. He's random, he thinks he's more evil than he is, and he can't hold the
evil mood throughout the duration of the movie, because ultimately, he has a good heart. And he
has a mustache made of awesome. :)

Woot! This thing took me waaaaaaaay longer than it should've. I'd gladly do it again...but it would
still take forever.
I don't care who does this, I'm not tagging peeps, but if you want, go ahead. :)



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The rules: Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. Don’t cheat!

1. Once Upon a Time
2. Young Justice
3. Detective Conan/Case Closed

4. X-Men: Evolution
5. Yu Yu Hakusho

Behold my obsession...Collapse )
I love these things. I always gank them from lazyeye or (rarely) asitiswhenitwas because the groups I'm a part of aren't really in to that sort of thing. Shame. That's the sole purpose for my posts. D:


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This is for lazyeye who loves HTTYD

I stole this pic from flayu on deviantArt and edited it to use as my background because I think it's epic. :D:D:D

http://ayaia-moon.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=24#/d377vix  credit goes to flayu for whatever was done to make it so awesome, it's not mine; take a gander at the original. :D

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Hey! So this is for lazyeye, who, for some reason, wanted the world to be subjected to Daniel/Ayaia. A sociopath and an angel. match made in heaven. Unfortunately, this couldn't jive in my brain, so it turned into a 'what would happen if Daniel and Ayaia actually MET' story, which is still pretty nifty. Ayaia explains why it can never be. But she still holds out hope...
Because the world needs more Daniel/Ayaia...Collapse ) 
 PS....lazyeye  ....you know what this means. Ha. And I give you your prompt right now: What's YOUR take on Daniel/Ayaia? (Cause I'm curious....) if that's too copycatty, gimme Roy Mustang fanfiction. XD 

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So...lazyeye totally nerded all over my inbox with gifs of awesome, talking about

And so, dahling...I salute you.
livejournal gif salute Pictures, Images and Photos 
...and I kinda wanna follow suit. Because I'm a sheep.

So yes. LET'S talk about anime/manga.

Way, way back, when I was a middle-school tot, of only 11 or 12, there were two shows I followed that
I didn't even know WERE anime. Namely Pokemon:
And, of course, Sailor Moon:
I watched them occasionally; my band class watched it while we waited for the director to start. Every
day in Middle School, Pokemon. But then, a friend of mine told me that these shows were just the
beginning of a whole world -- a world of animated style never before comprehended. She introduced me
to three shows, and I was hooked forever. The shows?

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Blue Seed, and Ah! My Goddess.

I've always been kind of ecclectic, and with Anime, it was no different. From giant robot suits, to killer
plant-monsters and Goddesses in disguise, I forged my path.
It grew into other shows from there; I started trying to find shows on my own. My friend turned me on
to Inuyasha,

and then I found Yu Yu Hakusho

and Rurouni Kenshin

all by myself. :) My brother got
more obsessed with these shows than I did, though he'd never admit it. :)
After that we found Cardcaptors,

and then we found Adult Swim -- which led to FLCL: Fooley Cooley

which, to this day, I'm not sure I understand,

and the Samurai X OVAs, which are what spawned Rurouni Kenshin, I suppose...
Then, of course, Case Closed (Detective Conan)

which led to Magic Kaitou

The list just grows as I see more shows that other people recommend, but the manga side started, as
so many do, with Shonen Jump

Unlike my dear lazyeye I did not fall in love with Naruto at first sight -- that would come
later. No, I noticed that Yu Yu Hakusho was in Manga form, and it had a storyline that the Anime had
never touched. And so I realized the difference between manga and Anime. Some other mangas I
found included Naruto,

Shaman King,
Instant Teen! Just Add nuts!

Girl Got Game,

and, oddly, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne.

It reminded me of Sailor Moon, but the protagonist, Maron, is slightly less annoying than Usagi. :D
So, yeah.
I don't see a link, a lot of the time, between any of these shows, except that they are either manly
fighting shows or girly fighting shows. So I guess I'm in to fighting. Except for Case Closed. There's
not too much violence. Except for the random joes who are offed or kidnapped every
episode...because apparantly it's commonplace for this kid to have people dropping like flies in his
presence, because that's not creepy at all...

On a random note...who remembers Cyborg 009? The name just popped in my head yesterday, and I
swear I've never heard of it before...it was actually kind of weird.


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The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet/haiku? of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.


I don't actually have many peeps who find me here, due to my lack of updates, so...yeah...

But I'm game!

Hit me!


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Haaay! :)

Posting...at long last...

entry for my group. If you like Diadem, please enjoy! :D (Everyone should like diadem...)


It's kinda random...Collapse )




Trying to get back in the game…I wanna finish these themes before I do anything else…but you never know where my strange imagination will take me… (insert evil laugh here)


Alles Liebe!



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I'm back!

I shall now do my best to be slightly active in this site again! (well, at least as slightly active as I was before...)


Wenn irgendjemandem Deutsch sprechen moechtet, bin ich fuer euch da! (And I'd kill to know the key codes to get my precious umlauts). :(

All I remember is Alt + 225 for ß. :(



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